Our mission is to make these evidence-based treatment programs available to anyone and everyone in need of superior behavioral health options. When we provide treatment, we like to see successful outcomes and long-term recovery for our clients. Everyone deserves to have the best possible chance for success in overcoming the disease of addiction. That’s why we offer the best treatment programs that are available.

We treat our patients the way we would expect to be treated: with both respect and dignity. We also offer a strong network of alumni that stay connected even after your treatment is over. Resources for career and 12 step support groups are also available to everyone in our aftercare programs. These will help keep you on the right path.

In addition, most of our addiction treatment staff members have been affected by behavioral health disorders, whether having suffered from it and recovered or seen a loved one deal with it. You’re not alone in your fight to overcome your struggles; our team has had to battle obstacles, also.

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We believe in giving patients a clear understanding of their behavioral health disorders. This will give them the tools needed to manage the underlying conditions causing these disorders. This understanding will also allow us to pinpoint any trauma or mental health disorders that might have led to addiction. When these are treated, recovery can be more successful.

We empower those who have been affected by behavioral health disorders. We are confident that they have unlimited potential and can become well-rounded members of society. Seeing our patients recover and thrive is the ultimate reward for our team. Over their time in recovery, development, strength, healing, and their power over addiction will increase and improve even moreso. To reach these goals we offer the following services:

  • Evidence-based treatment and therapy options for all behavioral health conditions, regardless of how complex.
  • A treatment approach that is personalized and private
  • Several programs that can be tailored to fit around any schedule or myriad of responsibilities.
  • Ongoing recovery options once treatment has been completed.

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  • Harmony Ridge Recovery Center

    Our team at Harmony Ridge is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of care by evolving our programs to exceed our patient’s expectations. We will always provide support for them for every step in their journey of life-long recovery.

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  • Little Creek Recovery

    At Little Creek Lodge, you have the time to discover who you are while learning how to love yourself and be loved by others. You’ll learn how to form new relationships and have fun while engaging in a new exciting lifestyle.

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  • Coalition Recovery Center

    Our medical team will work with you to create an effective treatment strategy that goes beyond the 12 step programs to discover the underlying causes of your disorder. Those struggling with substance use disorder can find meaningful sobriety.

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