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Harmony Ridge Recovery Center is a nationally accredited and recognized drug and alcohol treatment facility located in the beautiful mountains of Walker, West Virginia. We strive to provide a comfortable transition from addiction to sobriety in a nurturing, supportive environment. Our team of dedicated addiction treatment professionals has helped many find and maintain a healthy life in long-term recovery.

At Harmony Ridge, our goal is to inform interested individuals about all the levels of care we offer when it comes to their treatment options. Before they enroll, we believe it is best for patients considering our facility to educate themselves about the many types of treatments and therapies we offer. We believe the best client is one that understands what to expect during treatment, and by educating themselves they will have a better understanding of what to expect.

Our state-of-the-art facility provides our addiction treatment team with the tools needed to help our patients recover quickly from substance use disorder, as well as give them a comfortable experience while they’re here. We also offer several amenities and activities to engage in during their time at our center.

Coalition Recovery is a Joint Commission Accredited treatment facility located in East Tampa. It is the heart of our behavioral health program and is where all our clinical levels of care are offered. We offer Day or Night treatment, and Intensive Outpatient levels of care. Our 8,000 square foot facility consists of a variety of individual, group, and family therapy options. Our clinical team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and possesses numerous skillsets ranging from family therapy to marriage therapy as well as a trauma track.

Coalition Recovery patients are expected to commit to a minimum of 30 days of treatment, and our program is specifically tailored around a 4 to 6-week curriculum to address the core needs of our patients. Our program is built to help our patients learn the life skills necessary to live a healthy, happy, and sober life beyond the walls of a treatment center.

Our admissions are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anyone needing help immediately.

We are a small family-owned and operated treatment center that gives personal attention to each and every resident. Little Creek is very dedicated to family education on the disease of addiction from the day of entry to years after completion. We pride ourselves on our alumni and the supportive community that we developed in Northeast PA.

Our clinical program unfolds the three stages of care and is an in-depth, comprehensive approach utilized by professional addiction treatment specialists.

The three stages of care are designed to break down the barriers and fear surrounding the change needed for ongoing recovery. By creating an intimate setting, we can help residents and families love themselves again, face challenges in a healthy and controlled way, and develop an environment where recovery becomes their identity.

Little Creek Lodge residents are expected to commit to a minimum of 30 days. Thirty days is not a magic number; it does not mean that every resident will be ready to transition after a 30-day period, which is why we also offer 60 or 90 days extended residential programs. We have seen that the longer an individual is taken away from their last substance use the more receptive the resident is to medical guidance and peer support.

At our treatment facilities, we offer a wide variety of holistic options to help promote overall wellness and healing. This includes programs like yoga, meditation, music, art, and equine therapy. We also offer a wide range of exercise therapy options for all patients in treatment. This includes things like wilderness therapy and hiking.

ARH Behavioral Health Group believes in healing the whole self for long-term recovery. In order to do so, we need to refocus the mind on more productive activities that promote health and growth. This includes nutritional therapy to better equip individuals with an understanding of how specific foods will help boost their mood and provide them the energy they need. Maintaining sobriety starts with a balanced mind and body.

The ARH Difference

Our Facilities Go Beyond a Typical Treatment Program

Beyond our extensive treatment program, we offer several aftercare and sober living options. For those individuals that are enrolled at an ARH treatment center, there are many options available after their program has ended. We recognize the disease of addiction is a chronic illness and requires ongoing support. Therefore we provide all of the tools necessary for life-long recovery.

Our extensive alumni network also takes part in our treatment program and ongoing aftercare options. This network is an integral part of our programs as they demonstrate that recovery is possible. They offer first-hand experience with our treatment facilities and can provide distinctive evidence that our approach is successful, not just while enrolled; but in many cases long after treatment has ended. You won’t leave one of our facilities without a network of resources available to support you in your recovery.

We also offer career support services to help you find positive ways to contribute your skills and knowledge as a productive member of society. One of the most important elements of recovery is having a life that includes career aspirations and goals. Gaining independence and freedom is a huge motivation to stay in recovery. Career support services make that freedom possible.

Choosing to enroll in treatment at an ARH facility sets up your journey to recovery for success! We are accredited and nationally recognized for our treatment programs and work with each person individually to develop their personalized plan. You will never be alone ever again in your battle with addiction when you choose ARH. We will continue to support you through the rest of your life.


What Our Client Says…

Very helpful people, look out for a persons best interest even when an individual cannot

Peter M

Staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding you towards treatment! Great recovery center.

Malik Williams Wells

Very friendly and welcoming staff. The program has a lot to offer.

Anthony Doyle

Dr. Val is a skilled and competent clinician who values client strengths and purpose. She is an asset to Coalition and the field of Addiction treatment.

Angela Basso


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