From the moment you contact the team at ARH Behavioral Health Group you will start to understand our personalized unique view to treatment. This is the moment that your life will change. You don’t need to wait to take the first step. We’re here 24/7 to assist you in every step of the way.

How Do I Get Into Treatment?


Most people are unsure how to get started with treatment for behavioral health disorders like mental illness and addiction. But, by reaching out to the professionals at ARH, you’re in the right place. Our admissions specialists will help answer any questions you may have regarding your struggles and can help you gain insight into what type of program may work best for you. Of course, this is just an initial discussion and may change a bit once admitted to the program, however they can help clarify what to expect.

ARH Behavioral Health Group Steps in the Admissions Process


Getting the treatment you need can be as easy as following these steps. We look forward to welcoming you into our program!

#1. How Can We Help?

Our admissions specialists are available to chat with you 24/7. How can we help? What makes your story unique? This is your chance to discuss your personal experience. With so many of our team members in recovery as well, they will likely recognize some of your struggles from their own life experiences. Your conversation is always private and confidential.

#2. Complete Our Initial Screening

At this time, your admissions specialist will determine your clinical needs for treatment and therapy. You will be asked several questions regarding your medical history, your current state of mind, and any limitations we should be aware of. This is also when payment and insurance options can be discussed. We can help you make sense of what your insurance provider offers.

#3. Creation of Your Individualized Plan

After going through a detailed review of your history with behavioral health struggles and reviewing it with our clinical team, you will be provided with a plan that ARH believes will be best for your long-term recovery. This will be reviewed with you to help you gain insight into why certain treatment and therapy was recommended and how it will help. You will undoubtedly have questions and we look forward to answering those.

#4. Arrive at the ARH Facility to Begin Recovery!

Upon arrival at one of many accredited treatment facilities, our compassionate and caring staff will take you through your final screening. Once that is completed you will be assisted with getting settled and reviewing your treatment schedule, including what to expect during the program.

If you would like to schedule an opportunity to tour the facility before arriving, we can also provide that service.

ARH Behavioural Health

Take the First Step Towards Freedom from Addiction

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With a multitude of treatment and recovery options, you’re in good hands with the team at any of our ARH Behavioral Group Facilities. Our programs range from Detox all the way through aftercare support beyond our sober living facilities. At ARH, you are a part of a network of individuals who have benefited from our treatment approach. You will many resources to help you in your recovery.

We offer cutting-edge addiction treatment therapies and holistic methods that focus on healing the whole person. We also offer targeted programs that focus on individuals who suffer from dual diagnoses. Mental health disorders are often an underlying cause of addiction and our medical staff recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach.

Regardless of what your past addiction or behavioral health history looks like, we can help you gain your freedom from addiction! There is no challenge too big or too small to fit into our program as we cater our treatment to you!

Our Facilities

Go Beyond a Typical Treatment Program

Beyond our extensive treatment program, we offer several aftercare and sober living options. For those individuals that are enrolled at an ARH treatment center, there are many options available after their program has ended. We recognize the disease of addiction is a chronic illness and requires ongoing support. Therefore we provide all of the tools necessary for life-long recovery.

Our extensive alumni network also takes part in our treatment program and ongoing aftercare options. This network is an integral part of our programs as they demonstrate that recovery is possible. They offer first-hand experience with our treatment facilities and can provide distinctive evidence that our approach is successful, not just while enrolled; but in many cases long after treatment has ended. You won’t leave one of our facilities without a network of resources available to support you in your recovery.

We also offer career support services to help you find positive ways to contribute your skills and knowledge as a productive member of society. One of the most important elements of recovery is having a life that includes career aspirations and goals. Gaining independence and freedom is a huge motivation to stay in recovery. Career support services make that freedom possible.

Choosing to enroll in treatment at an ARH facility sets up your journey to recovery for success! We are accredited and nationally recognized for our treatment programs and work with each person individually to develop their personalized plan. You will never be alone ever again in your battle with addiction when you choose ARH. We will continue to support you through the rest of your life.


What Our Client Says…

Very helpful people, look out for a persons best interest even when an individual cannot

Peter M

Staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding you towards treatment! Great recovery center.

Malik Williams Wells

Very friendly and welcoming staff. The program has a lot to offer.

Anthony Doyle

Dr. Val is a skilled and competent clinician who values client strengths and purpose. She is an asset to Coalition and the field of Addiction treatment.

Angela Basso


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